Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So FRESH and so CLEAN!

Time for an update!  I finally washed my car after two weeks yesterday.  I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but I hate i when I don't wash it once a week.  To top i off, I also got myself a set of wheels.  The wheels I got are Rota Torque 17x9 with a +48 offset.  The wheels are wider and sit more flush with the car.

Here are some pictures of the car just washed and with the wheels:

 I actually painted the wheels myself.  The paint I used was Duplicolor Black Wheels paint and Duplicolor Wheel Clear Coat.  The task was surprisingly tedious and annoying.  Prepping the wheels to be painted was the long and tedious part.  Painting was actually fun and a little painful.  I had my sister and law's boyfriend Kyle help me out.

To prep the wheels, I used 100 grit sand paper to rough them up really good and 400 grit to smooth everything out a little.  The actual spray cans said to use 320 grit, but I didn't read that until AFTER I started sanding down the wheels.  Never the less, the wheels turned out pretty good.

The painting process was actually pretty long.  I started at like 2 or 3pm and ended at around 10pm (of course taking breaks and eating dinner).  The first wheel was kind of experimental and it took 5 coats of paint to get everything nice with the right shade of black, the rest followed with only 4 coats and turning out better than the next except for the last wheel which ended up with bubbles and some running paint.  Everything turned out fine though.

I then added some Rota center caps I bought for $20 from another NASIOC member, but I'm thinking that I'll take them off.  We'll see though.  More to come!

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