Friday, September 4, 2009

Tune Me UP!

WOW does it feel GREAT to be in boost. Since the install about two weeks ago, I've had to stay out of boost to keep my car from detonating. I've had to deal with check engine lights while driving, and watching my throttle so as to not over shoot the zero on my boost gauge, what a PITA!

HOWEVER, on September 1st, 2009...Shirley (my car's name), was tuned by Jon @ HB Speed in Fountain Valley, CA. I must say, he did a pretty darn good job with what I have on the car:

Power Mod List:
Engine - EJ255 (WRX 2.5L engine)
Downpipe - PDE Catless
Catback - STi
Fuel Injectors - DW 750cc
Fuel Pump - Walbro 342 255lph
Turbo - Greddy T518Z (TD05 18G w/ 8cm^2 hotside)
Intercooler - SSAutochrome Top Mount

Dyno Chart:

As you can see, I'm hitting a peak whp at 315/327 wtq. 200 RPMs later, it's at 300 whp until redline. I HAVE A 300 WHEEL TO HORSEPOWER CAR! The feeling on a straight away wide open throttle is just sheer power! I've posted this on NASIOC (can be seen here: in the Proven Power Bragging area, and people have some concerns on that little hump you see at 5,400 RPM, where my peak whp is.

The concerns themselves have also led me to question why isn't it staying at that level. I know that during the tune, Jon put a boost pill on the turbo so I can hold boost better. During the tune, he told me that I was actually spiking at 20 psi. So now, I'm in the quest for a better electronic boost control unit. With a better unit, I'm hoping to hold boost at 18 psi, or crank it up a notch to 19 or 20. And although Jon IS a very reputable tuner, I might be forced to go with an e-mail tune from Clark Turner (another reputable tuner based in Arizona) because of my finances.

With all that being said, I've come up with a new wishlist that I will be working on:

EBCS (most likely a Grainger unit, comparable to a Perrin name brand)
Turbo Timer (the one I bought for $20 bucks looks like crap, and I'm skeptical that it will work)
Tactrix Open Port 2.0 cable (I need this to data log the car for the e-mail tune, I might even learn how to tune myself)
E-Mail tune from Clark Turner or a more reputable internet tuner

A big thank you to Paul (a.k.a. paulsaidhi on NASIOC) for helping me with making sure everything was ready prior to the tune.

Oh yeah, and here are pictures of when I first got the car!

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